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Reeling back the years a bit...

Many people ask us about the history of the pub, and over the years, facts have become somewhat confused and rearranged.

The Fauconberg was the Balasyse Arms until 1823. The publican at this time was a William Barwick; as was common place for an Inn to be handed on from father to son, records show a Barwick to be publican back in 1768. Few structural changes have taken place until 1904 when fire broke out destroying what was the remaining thatched building in Coxwold.

Looking at the family tree of the Belasyse and Wombwell families it would be a lively and romantic suggestion to say that the present Inn had been a place to eat and drink ale since the early 17th century. During the lifetime of Sir Thomas Belasyse, who took the title of Fauconberg when created Baron in 1627, and Viscount in 1642.

On further reflection, it was probably William, one of the four richest men in the county, who added the manors of Yearsley and Old Byland with part of Coxwold to the estate, which may have been cause to elaborate on what was probably a very modest watering hole where villagers would gather for news and barter. Seemingly Sir William was a prudent and vigorous man of great influence who may have put his name to the property to finalise a landmark of who's village and estate you were travelling through.

1627 Earliset record of a hostelry, landlord unknown
1768 Barwick
1823 William Barwick
1899 Sam Bulmer
Pre War Walter Dawson
1950's Les & Glynis Wetherall
1960 - 1964 Mrs. Pugh licensee (son, Norman Hopkins runs the pub)
1965 - 1988 Dick Goodall
1988 - 1998 Jaques
1998 - 2003 Gough
2003 - 2005 Closed
2006 - 2015

The Rheinberg and Chadwick families



2017- Present

Richardson and Kedie Families



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